Saturday, February 26, 2011

Assistive Technology Blog: Captioning On Youtube

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Assistive Technology Blog: Accessibility Video Tutorials For Websites

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

15 Seconds TV Adverts

Found this interesting podcast about how the TV ad landscape is changing drastically. 30 second adverts are being replaced by quick 15 second ones. Apparently, 15 second adverts jumped more than 70% in the last five years primarily because of these reasons:

Shortening attention span of consumers: Consumers simply don't want to spend 30 seconds watching an advert. 30 seconds is enough time to read a couple of headlines on a different website, check your twitter feed, or read a quick email or two. As soon as the timer on the advert starts counting down from 30 to 28, 29..the viewer switches to a different website, and comes back after those 30 seconds have elapsed. However, in case of a 15 second advert, the timer starts counting down from 15 to 14, and then 13, and by the time you start debating whether to switch to a different website or not, the timer is already down to 10! And when it's down to 10 you say what the heck, and end up watching that advert. Makes a lot of sense to me!

they cost less: .. and I am sure this aspect is welcomed with open arms by everyone involved in media and advertising!

I highly recommend the podcast available on this web page. It's an interview with Brent Payne, who is the SEO director at Tribune Company. He gives a lot of tips about what to do to make submissions to Google News, Google Trends, and the Google keyword research tool.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stipple It - Tag People and Objects On Your Website!

Do you want to tag your friends in pictures that you have posted on your website and not on a certain social networking site with around 500 million users? Better still, do you want to tag objects too, and add detailed or specific information about them in the picture itself without writing a separate textual note?
If you answered yes to both the questions, you need Stipple it.
Stipple it ( lets you tag people and objects in your pictures that you have posted on your blog or website. Here's how it works:
  • You register your website on
  • Stipple It gives you a piece of javascript code that you insert in your html code.
  • It also gives you a unique identifier for your website that you use in the <img> tag of your picture that you have posted on your website (there are actually three options you can choose - this is the second one).
  • Once your picture is posted you will notice that there is a new "edit" button on the top right (or left) corner of your picture. Click the edit button and start adding "dots" to your picture. The dots are basically tags (just like on the home page of Bing). If you move your mouse over the picture you will see small dots that will let you know that there is more information available for that picture. Place your mouse over the dot to know more about it.
Note: Stipple It works only on images that are at least 200px wide high and 400px wide.
If you tag an object (product) in your picture, Stipple It identifies that product and takes your user to two places. First would be a website that lets your users buy that product. Second would be a page that has more information about that product.
And if your user decides to purchase the product, you end up making money (depending on whether the merchant whose page your user lands on has a commission or cpc offer). Read this for more details.
Here is an example. In the picture above I added two dots. One is for Wall E. If you bring your mouse over the dot situated on the toy, you will see some additional information (it takes you to a weird Wall E costume website, but you get the picture, don't you?). Also, the dot on the keyboard takes you to a page where you can buy a Dell keyboard!
Neat, isn't it?
Update: Doesn't seem to work on this site. Works fine on my other blog though: